Monday, April 11, 2011

Family and Research Trip

Today, I am in Morehead City, North Carolina. The purpose of my visit is to reconnect with family as well as do family research. Since my arrival, we welcomed a new member of the family, my grand-niece, baby girl, Sellars. She is very beautiful and cuddly and is charming everyone who graces her presence already. On today's agenda was the Carteret College Library. I love this place. You can literally look out the window at the Atlantic Ocean view. What better way to cuddle up with a good book while occasionally gazing up at the blue on blue ocean and sky! During my trip , I will be making my way down to Robeson and neighboring Counties of North Carolina and then Charleston and Darlington county SC where Brayboy, Pressley, Jefferson, Hines and other family migrated from. Also, ancestral home of the Witherspoons and Henry Marshall whom I spoke about frequently in this blog. Anyway, hopefully this trip will help unravel many mysteries and answer lingering genealogical questions that I have had about my ancestry.