Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maternal Line

(Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparent)

John Majoribanks (1743) Scotland

(Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents)

Samuel M. Majoribanks (1770) Scotland

(Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents)

Alexander Robinson Banks (1808) South Carolina

Sallie Brown

Adam Brown

(Great, Great, Great Grandparents)

Oliver Clayton (1841)

Edy Clayton (1840)

Betty Banks Brown Lee Smith (1858)

Lee Matriarch

Frank Green?

Jane Green (1857)

Monroe Brittentine (1842)

Sophia Gay Brittentine Hall (1847)

Henry Johnson (1829)

Effie Johnson (1835)

(Great-Great Grandparents)

Levi (Levy) Green (1820)

Mary Clay (1824)

Johnnie Clayton (1868)

Martha Clayton (1867)

Richard Lee (1871)

Margery Brittentine (1882)

Elizabeth Green

Troy Johnson (1870)

(Great Grandparents)

Ed Green (1874)

Reacie Clayton (1892)

Robert E. Lee (1897)

Annie Bell Johnson (1900)


Johnnie Greene (1908)

Johnie Pearl Lee Green (1918)


Lottie Green Burney


anchovy00 said...

Hello Karen- I am elated to find your blog. I started doing genealogical research for various sides of my and my husband's families. I had taken a break and just got started doing research again... to make a long story short, I found your blog when I did a search for Buena Vista Plantation. I had already researched and found that my mom's family had come from South Carolina...I am searching for information on the Pouncy (Pouncey) family that migrated from South Carolina to Louisiana around 1870 & 1900's. I've been able to trace they came from Chesterfield, Darlington, Marion, Marlboro counties in South Carolina. They settled in Stonewall-Frierson-Keatchie, De Soto Parish, Louisiana. Children names: Rose, Sharper Jr., Lettie, Nannie, Louis, Lottie, Minda, Mosly, Jessie and Mary. My GG-father's name was Joe and GG-mother's was Fanny (maiden name Persley). My grandfather's name was Lee Pouncy. You have a wonderful blog full of helpful information. Would you be so kind as to share your email address with me so that I can communicate and share information about our families' histories? Here is a website that I'm in the process of developing for my research as well as to post information about our upcoming family reunion. The website's URL is: http://www.pouncyfamily.org-a.googlepages.com/index.html. My email address is: anchovy00@msn.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jacqueline (Jackie) Grace

Karen Burney said...

Hi Jackie-

I'm glad you found my blog helpful. You are definitely on the right track. My ancestors, the Presleys and your ancestors, the Pounceys are inter-related. My ggg-uncle Isham (Issac)Pressley married Lottie Pressley on January 8, 1876 in DeSoto Parish. Isham Pressley was the son of my ggg-grandfather, Stephen Pressley and he was the brother of my gg-grandmother, Mariah Pressley Hines. I did a story on my Grandpa Stephen on my site under "My Pressley line" and it makes mention of his daugher-in-law, Lottie Pouncey Pressley and her sister Nannie as follows:

"In his pastoral, God spoke to him and he built a church in the Gloster Community. He organized the Morning Star Baptist chruch in the year 1891. He held service under Brush Habor and later built a wood frame. He ran a revival and in the "Soul Saving" meeting nine (9) confessed Christ (all girls). They were Sister Ada Pressley, Sister Nannie Pouncy, Sister Nina Hines, Sister Nora Hines Latin, Sister Lottie Pouncy Pressley, Sister Lenor Davis, Sister Hattie D. Chatmon, Sister Nornie Cory and Sister Debbie King Latin."

Your ggg-grandpa, Sharper, Sr. and his wife Amarilla was a nextdoor neighbor to my ggg-grandpa Stephen Pressley and his family on one side and my ggg-Grandpa, Pompey Hines and his family on the other on the 1870 census. I guess that is why the children intermarried.

Thank you for your email address and website information. We can definitely exchange information. By the way, there is a Pressley reunion coming up in Houston, Tx in July. I'm not sure of the exact date but will let you know when I find out. It is being hosted this year by the descendents of Isham and Lottie Pouncey Pressley. It is usually done every other year and sometimes in Frierson.

It was good communicating with you and I look forward to continued contact.

Stay blessed!