Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas has come and gone. It was a wonderful celebration. For me, it was a wonderful day. I arose early that morning to enjoy various television celebrations of Christ across the globe and a production of the Nutcracker on Ice followed by the Disney Christmas Parade.

I then proceeded to prepare the meal that was to be enjoyed later on that day. My menu included Spiral sliced ham, collard and mixed greens w/smoked turkey, cornbread dressing, macoroni and cheese, yams, corn and a green salad. This was a light dinner by past Christmas standards.

This year, I preferred a small intimate occasion and dinner rather than the big "Hoopla" that ensues most Christmas.

My son arrived in the early afternoon bearing gifts for his Mom and was most gratified by the ones he received. He has evolved into such a handsome and mature young man who has in head on straight for his age.

We later went to my mother's house for more food and dessert and to watch movies. My niece and her family joined us later in the evening and we enjoyed each other's company. We returned home in the early evening in light rain.

Christmas, this year was a time to reflect on my life in past years and of my goals and priorities for the coming year. It was also a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and remember the ultimate sacrifice that he paid for me and the world!
It was a time to count my blessings and be glad for all that God has allowed to do and see.

Christmas in this country has become so commercialized. It is sad to me that most people, especially our youth don't know the true meaning of Christmas. They do not know or remember that Christmas is meant to commemorate the birth of Christ and how God in his mercy and grace sent his only begotten son born of the virgin, Mary to save the world from sin and death.

Many do not know that Christmas is a time to remember that eternal life became possible with the birth of Christ. Instead, they think it is all about snowmen, pine trees, ornaments and gifts. They don't realize that the true Gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond is the gift of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

So that was my Christmas. A time to remember how Christ was born so that we might all have life eternally.

So Mary Christmas to you and hope your Christmas was wonderful too.

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