Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Salute to Private JKB

This week was filled with mixed emotions for me. On Monday, October 13, 2008, my nephew, Private J.K.B. was deployed to Iraq. My heart was heavy but at the same time I felt proud because of his obvious dedication and invaluable contribution to this country.

Part of my sadness was due to the realization that the little boy that was once the "apple of my eye" has suddenly become a man.

I talked with my nephew a couple of days before he was to embark on his mission and related to him just how proud I was of him. I also reminded him that he joins the ranks of the many ancestors and other relatives who have served this country. He was surprised to know that we have had ancestors and/or relatvies who have fought for this country since the Revolutionary War but it is true. Heres is just a few:

Joshua Braveboy - American Revolution (Revolutionary War)
Great-GG Grandpa Henry Johnson - Civil War
G-Uncle Johnnie Johnson- World War I
Uncle Huey Lee-World War II 8 Mar 1943
Jewel and Herbert Burney-Korean War
Clyde Lee-Vietnam War
D.Burney and T. Carter-Desert Storm
JKB-Iraqi War

Again, these are just a few. There were so many others. I plan to do a special tribute in another blog to salute ALL those who served this country so valiantly.

I encouraged my nephew to keep his faith and to be prayerful and to remember that he is not going alone, that God will be there every step of the way.

You would have to know my nephew and the journey he took to get where he is today. Even as a tot, you could see that God created someone very SPECIAL. He is one of the most spiritually beautiful people you would ever want to know. He is a man full of
eloquence, grace and honor. He is the type of person that finds friends where ever he goes.

I know that God will accompany him on his journey and ensure his safe arrival back home to his family that loves him.

Please keep him in your prayers

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M Moody said...

Hello Karen,

Happy New Year Sista! I just wanted to say that checking out your blog site has been quite interesting. I grew up in New Orleans and trace my roots back to Slidell, La. Reading info on your site made me homesick. I did not know that the La. State Archives had so much info on-line. I actually found a family member's death certificate today. I too salute your family members who have served and continue to serve. I am a DS and OIF vet myself. Anyway keep up the good work with this site and check out our family site at Sincerely, Michael Moody