Wednesday, February 4, 2009 celebrates Black History Month

The website "" is a wonderful site for learning about the history, contributions and journeys of Black men and women in America. In honor of Black History month, they are featuring an abundance of stories on noteable African Americans as well as some who are less known.

The site also features full-length videos on a variety of subjects and individuals.

This is a MUST visit site for anyone wanting to learn about more about the African American struggle and culture.

You can assess this website on the following link or click on the link on the right sidebar of this site:


Anonymous said...

i came upon your blog and site while 'googling' Plain Dealing. Your family photos are fascinating! I wish I had more in my own collection. I was born in Shreveport. My family roots are in Plain Dealing. I'm a direct descendent of George Paysinger 'aka' The Priceless Slave(1824-1908). James Blair gilmer offered a ridiculous price for george after he oversaw the construction of Gilmer's Orchards home in Plain Dealing. His slave owner John Hamiter refused to sell him. A desk federal style built by George is in the Bossier Parish Library Historical Center. There is much more to my great-great grandfather's legacy, but I won't bore you with it now. :)
There is another fellow genealogist who has constructed a website in attempts to connect the families who have roots in NW Louisiana.

Keep up the good work on your site and blogs. They are valuable!

Robert Knight said...

Dear Anonymous, I recently learned that John Hamiter is my great great great grandfather. I found this info to share with you

"Eventually George was freed and the Hamiter’s actually deeded land to him after Emancipation Proclamation and George eventually accumulated more acreage later on. George ended up being a successful farmer who also ran a pretty lucrative cotton gin which was quite an accomplishment for someone who survived slavery. The land he purchased is still in the Paysinger family today."

Karen Burney said...

Thank you, Robert for this invaluable information. I'm sure it will help our anonymous commentator.