Thursday, February 2, 2012

7th Annual African American Seminar

The 7th Annual African American Seminar will take place on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the Sacramento Regional Family History Center. This year’s theme is “Unlocking Our Family Treasures” and promises to be the best one yet as it will offer 24 classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced genealogy instruction which will enable those in attendance the opportunity to reconnect with their forgotten ancestors. The classes will be taught by seasoned Genealogists from both the Sacramento and Bay Areas.

The Keynote Speaker is Antoinette Broussard, a noted speaker and author. Ms. Broussard is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a major in English literature and Black studies. Ms. Broussard is also an avid researcher and writer committed to the pursuit and documentation of her ancestral roots. She was the guest speaker for Black Family History Day (February 2011) sponsored by the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California and has been a contributor to their Baobab Journal Tree (Spring 2011). She’s written biographies for numerous other publications including the African American National Biography and the African American National Biography (editor, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Oxford Press 2008). Currently, Antoinette is writing her second book which is a family memoir about her journey in discovering her family’s history from slavery to freedom. Ms. Broussard’s topic at the seminar will be, “The Militant Matron, Dr. Nettie J. Craig Asberry” who was one of Washington states’ civil rights activist.

African American research has sometimes in the past been thought of as challenging because of the issue of the slavery. However, the extensive digitalization of records has now enabled many persons of color to trace their ancestors including those who were enslaved in this country. These records have enabled them to leap right over the obstacle that slavery might have caused in the past.

Karen Burney, one of the Genealogists who will be presenting classes at this year’s seminar has been able to track her family back 7-8 generations and has located many of her slave ancestors on several lines. Last July, she met with and exchanged family history with one of the descendants of the Slave Owners that owned some of her ancestors. She relates that, “it was a powerful encounter” and the two remain connected and committed to sharing and helping each other document their intertwined family histories.

Many genealogists feel that reconnecting with one’s ancestors can be a life-changing event in a person’s life. Locating the people that came before you and learning their stories and how they contributed to their families and country can cause an individual to be more appreciative of the strides that have been made and the opportunities that did not exist during their ancestors’ lives.

Individuals are encouraged to attend to learn the tips and tools to “unlock” their Family Heritage and the legacies of their ancestors that can be a “treasure” to both present and future generations.

The seminar will take place on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm at the Sacramento Regional Family History Center located at 2745 Eastern Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821. Participants are encouraged to register early by March 3, 2012 to ensure entry into their desired classes. However, individuals will be able to register on the day of the event at 7:30 am to 8:30 on a first-come basis.

The cost of the seminar is $20.00 which includes registration and syllabus materials. Lunch will also be offered for an additional charge of$6.50.

For more information, please contact (916)487-2090 or log on to .

Monday, April 11, 2011

Family and Research Trip

Today, I am in Morehead City, North Carolina. The purpose of my visit is to reconnect with family as well as do family research. Since my arrival, we welcomed a new member of the family, my grand-niece, baby girl, Sellars. She is very beautiful and cuddly and is charming everyone who graces her presence already. On today's agenda was the Carteret College Library. I love this place. You can literally look out the window at the Atlantic Ocean view. What better way to cuddle up with a good book while occasionally gazing up at the blue on blue ocean and sky! During my trip , I will be making my way down to Robeson and neighboring Counties of North Carolina and then Charleston and Darlington county SC where Brayboy, Pressley, Jefferson, Hines and other family migrated from. Also, ancestral home of the Witherspoons and Henry Marshall whom I spoke about frequently in this blog. Anyway, hopefully this trip will help unravel many mysteries and answer lingering genealogical questions that I have had about my ancestry.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No April Fooling...1940 census due April 1,2012

Just 436 days until the 1940 Census release date! On Sunday, April 1, 2012, the 1940 census will be released. There is a 72-year privacy mandate that will lapse at that time.

Heres what the form looks like. Click to view

Sunday, January 2, 2011

In memory of Teena Marie-A True Silky, Silky Soul Singer

About a week ago, my heart broke. It was when I heard the news that one of my favorite singers of all times passed away. The legendary, Teena Marie, born Mary Christine Brockert passed away in her sleep on December 27, 201o. I was shocked and saddened but not all together. It is because 2 days before her actual passing, I learned of the earlier passing of Marvin Isley. Upon learning this, I thought back to the last time that I seen the Isleys and remembered that it was in a sold out concert in Concord, CA with Teena Marie. Upon remembering this, a wave of saddeness came across me but for some reason my sadness was for Teena even though she had not yet passed yet. Strange but true.

Anyway, the world has lost a wonderfully gifted yet understated talent and heaven has gained a new angel to join the choir of all choirs. This woman had one of the most amazing voices that I have beared witness to! If any of you had ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing her live, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Her recorded voice on albums and CD's although awesome too did not compare to her live voice! This woman had some pipes on her that could rattle wall and her high soprano notes could break the finest crystal glass.

Known as "Lady T," "Vanilla Child," and the "Ivory Queen of Soul," she ranked amongst the great female singer and her voice transcended race. She became well known for her work with Rick James who was one of her early mentors and their duet, "Fire and Desire," one of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bible Word of the Day

Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong." Exodus 23:2 NIV
This is advice that has been dispensed by parents, clergy and educators and most importantly God throughout the generations and it still holds true today.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Parish Courthouses in Louisiana can be invaluable for retrieving records pertaining to your family history. They often house and maintain records including but not limited to marriages, divorce, wills, conveyance records, bills of sale, property records. Below is a list of all the Parishes in Louisiana.


Hon. Robert T. "Robby" Barousse
P. O. Box 922
Crowley, LA 70527
Phone: 337 788-8881
Fax: 788-1048
Physical: Court Circle, 70527-0922

Hon. Gerald Harrington
P. O. Box 248
Oberlin, LA 70655
Phone: 337 639-4351
Fax: 639-2030
Physical: 400 W. Sixth Ave.

Hon. Kermit "Hart" Bourque
P. O. Box 192
Donaldsonville, LA 70346
Phone: 225 473-9866 X 3
Fax: 621-8403
Physical: 300 Houmas St.
Gonzales Office: 225-621-8400

Hon. Darlene Landry
P. O. Drawer 249
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Phone: 985 369-6653
Fax: 369-2032
Physical: 4809 Hwy. 1

Hon. "Sammy" Couvillon
P. O. Box 219
Marksville, LA 71351
Phone: 318 253-7523
Fax: 253-4614
Physical: Courthouse, E. Mark St.

Hon. Ronald L. "Ronny" Nichols
P. O. Box 100
DeRidder, LA 70634
Phone: 337 463-8595
Fax: 462-3916
Physical: 201 W. First St., Courthouse

Hon. James W. "Jim" Martin
100 Courthouse Dr., Rm. 100
Arcadia LA 71001-0746
Phone: 318 263-2123
Fax: 263-7426
Physical: same

Hon. Joan Carraway
P. O. Box 430
Benton, LA 71006
Phone: 318 965-2336
Fax: 965-2713
Physical: 200 Burt Blvd.

Hon. Gary Loftin
501 Texas St., Rm. 103
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone: 318 226-6780
Fax: 227-9080
Physical: same

Hon. Horace Lynn Jones, II
P. O. Box 1030
Lake Charles, LA 70602
Phone: 337 437-3550
Fax: 437-3350
Physical: 1000 Ryan St., 70601

Hon. Eugene Dunn
P. O. Box 1327
Columbia, LA 71418
Phone: 318 649-2272
Fax: 649-2037
Physical: 201 Main St., Ste.1

Hon. Carl E. Broussard
P. O. Box 549
Cameron, LA 70631
Phone: 337 616-8847 (temporary)

Hon. Janet T. Payne
P. O. Box 654
Harrisonburg, LA 71340
Phone: 318 744-5497
Fax: 744-5488
Physical: Courthouse Square, Rm. 101

Hon. James Patrick Gladney
P. O. Box 330
Homer, LA 71040
Phone: 318 927-9601
Fax: 927-2345
Physical: 512 E. Main St.

Hon. Clyde Ray Webber, Jr.
P. O. Box 790
Vidalia, LA 71373
Phone: 318 336-4204
Fax: 336-8777
Physical: 4001 Carter St., Ste. 5

Hon. Ollie L. "Sonny" Stone, Jr.
P. O. Box 1206
Mansfield, LA 71052
Phone: 318 872-3110
Fax: 872-4202
Physical: 201 Texas

E. Baton Rouge
Hon. "Doug" Welborn
10500 Coursey Blvd., Ste. 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
ATTENTION: Election Dept.
Phone: 225 389-3960 (City)
Fax: 295-4750 (Coursey)
Physical: same

E. Carroll
Hon. Edna Bishop Brock
400 First St., Courthouse
Lake Providence, LA 71254
Phone: 318 559-2399
Fax: 559-0037
Physical: same

E. Feliciana
Hon. Debbie D. Hudnall
P. O. Drawer 599
Clinton, LA 70722
Phone: 225 683-5145
Fax: 683-3556
Physical: 12305 St. Helena St.

Hon. Walter Lee
P. O. Drawer 347
Ville Platte, LA 70586
Phone: 337 363-5671
Fax: (ROV ofc.) 363-5780
Physical: 200 Court St.

Hon. Ann Johnson
P. O. Box 1564
Winnsboro, LA 71295
Phone: 318 435-5133
Fax: 435-5134
Physical: 208 Main St., Courthouse

Hon. J. ElRay Lemoine
P. O. Box 263
Colfax, LA 71417
Phone: 318 627-3246
Fax: 627-3201
Physical: 200 Main St.

Hon. "Mike" Thibodeaux
P. O. Drawer 12010
New Iberia, LA 70562-2010
Phone: 337 365-7282
Fax: 369-2928
Physical: 300 Iberia St., 70560

Hon. J. G. "Bubbie" Dupont, Jr.
P. O. Box 423
Plaquemine, LA 70765
Phone: 225 687-5160
Fax: 687-5260
Physical: 58050 Meriam St.

Hon. Ann B. Walsworth
P. O. Box 730
Jonesboro, LA 71251
Phone: 318 259-2424
Fax: 395-0386
Physical: 500 E. Court

Hon. Jon A. Gegenheimer, Elections Dept.
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Ste. 603
Harahan, LA 70123
Phone: 504 364-2900 (COC)
736-6394 (Elections)
Fax: 736-8738
Physical: same

Jefferson Davis
Hon. Carlton L. Duhon
P. O. Box 799
Jennings, LA 70546
Phone: 337 824-1160
Fax: 824-1354
Physical: 300 State St.

Hon. Louis J. Perret
P. O. Box 2009
Lafayette, LA 70502
Phone: 337 233-0150
Fax: 291-6392
Physical: 800 S. Buchanan, 70501

Hon. Vernon H. Rodrigue
P. O. Box 818
Thibodaux, LA 70302-0818
Phone: 985 447-4841
Fax: 447-5800
Physical: 309 W. Third St., 70301

Hon. Steve H. Crooks
P. O. Box 1316
Jena, LA 71342
Phone: 318 992-2158
Fax: 992-2157
Physical: Courthouse St.

Hon. Linda Cook
P. O. Box 924
Ruston, LA 71270
Phone: 318 251-5130
Fax 255-6004
Physical: 100 Texas Ave.

Hon. Thomas "Tom" Sullivan, Jr.
P. O. Box 1150
Livingston, LA 70754
Phone: 225 686-2216
Fax: 686-1867
Physical: 20180 Iowa St.

Hon. Carolyn Caldwell
P. O. Box 1710
Tallulah, LA 71282
Phone: 318 574-0655
Fax: 574-3961
Physical: 100 N. Cedar St.

Hon. Carol Jones
P. O. Box 1543
Bastrop, LA 71221-1543
Phone: 318 281-3343
Fax: 281-3775
Physical: 100 E. Madison, 71220

Hon. "Louie" Bernard
P. O. Box 476
Natchitoches, LA 71458-0476
Phone: 318 352-8152
Fax: 352-9321
Physical: 200 Church St., 71457

Hon. Desiree M. Charbonnet 1340 Poydras Street, 4th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504 592-9330
Fax: 592-9192
Physical: same


Hon. "Bill" Hodge
P. O. Box 1862
Monroe, LA 71201-1862
Phone: 318 327-1444
Fax: 327-1462
Physical: 300 St. John St., 71201

Hon. Dorothy M. Lundin
P. O. Box 40
Belle Chasse, LA 70037
Phone: 504 297-5180
Fax: 297-5195
Physical: 301 Main St., Suite 108

Pointe Coupee
Hon. Lanell Swindler Landry
P. O. Box 86
New Roads, LA 70760
Phone: 225 638-9596
Fax: 638-9590
Physical: E. Main St., Courthouse

Hon. Carolyn Jones Ryland
P. O. Box 952
Alexandria, LA 71309
Phone: 318 473-8153
Fax: 473-4667
Physical: 701 Murray St.

Red River
Hon. Stuart Shaw
P. O. Box 485
Coushatta, LA 71019-0485
Phone: 318 932-6741
Fax: 932-3126
Physical: 615 E. Carroll St., 71019

Hon. Ramona N. Haire
P. O. Box 119
Rayville, LA 71269
Phone: 318 728-4171
Fax: 728-7020
Physical: 100 Julia St.

Hon. Dollie Moore Knippers
P. O. Box 419
Many, LA 71449
Phone: 318 256-6223
Fax: 256-9037
Physical: Capitol & Main Streets

St. Bernard
Hon. Lena R. Torres
P. O. Box 1746
Chalmette, LA 70044
Phone: 504 271-3434
Fax: 278-4380; (CALL FIRST)
Physical: 1100 W. St. Bernard Hwy., 70043

St. Charles
Hon. Charles J. Oubre, Jr.
P. O. Box 424
Hahnville, LA 70057
Phone: 985 783-6632
Fax: 783-2005
Physical: 15045 River Rd.

St. Helena
Hon. Beverly A. Gordon
P. O. Box 308
Greensburg, LA 70441
Phone: 225 222-4514
Fax: 222-3443
Physical: Courthouse Square, Hwy. 10

St. James
Hon. Edmond E. Kinler, Jr.
P. O. Box 63
Convent, LA 70723
Phone: 225 562-2270
Fax: 562-2383
Physical: 5800 La. 44

St. John the Baptist
Hon. Eliana Olivier DeFrancesch
P. O. Box 280
Edgard, LA 70049
Phone: 985 497-3331
Fax: 497-3972
Physical: River Rd. & E. Third Streets

St. Landry
Hon. Charles Jagneaux
P. O. Box 750
Opelousas, LA 70570
Phone: 337 942-5606 X 103
Fax: 948-7265
Physical: Court & Landry Streets

St. Martin
Hon. Allen Blanchard, Sr.
P. O. Box 308
St. Martinville, LA 70582
Phone: 337 394-2210
Fax: 394-7772
Physical: 415 S. Main St.

St. Mary
Hon. Cliff Dressel
P. O. Drawer 1231
Franklin, LA 70538
Phone: 337 828-4100 X 200
Fax: 828-2509
Physical: 500 Main St., Courthouse

St. Tammany
Hon. Malise Prieto Becky
P. O. Box 1090 Galatas Covington, LA 70434 809-8723
Phone: 985 809-8700
Fax: 809-8725
Physical: 701 N. Columbia St., 70433

Hon. Julian E. Dufreche
P. O. Box 667
Amite, LA 70422
Phone: 985 748-8015
Fax: 748-6503
Physical: Mulberry & Bay Streets
Hammond Office: 985-549-1638

Hon. Ernest Sikes
P. O. Box 78
St. Joseph, LA 71366
Phone: 318 766-3921
Fax: 766-3926
Physical: Courthouse Square

Hon. I. Robert "Bobby" Boudreaux
P. O. Box 1569
Houma, LA 70361-1569
Phone: 985 868-7113 Elections Fax: 868-8166
Physical: 400 E. Main St., 1st Flr., 70360

Hon. Sue Buckley
100 E. Bayou St., Ste. 105
Farmerville, LA 71241
Phone: 318 368-3055
Fax: 368-3861
Physical: same

Hon. Diane Meaux Broussard
100 N. State St., Ste. 101
Abbeville, LA 70510
Phone: 337 898-1992
Fax: 898-9803
Physical: same

Hon. Willie Deon, Jr.
P. O. Box 40
Leesville, LA 71446-0040
Phone: 337 238-1384
Fax: 238-9902
Physical: 215 South 4th St.

Hon. Johnny D. Crain
P. O. Box 607
Franklinton, LA 70438
Phone: 985 839-7821
Fax: 839-3116
Physical:Courthouse,Main & Washington

Hon. Holli W. Vinning
P. O. Box 370
Minden, LA 71058-0370
Phone: 318 371-0366
Fax: 371-0226
Physical: 410 Main St., 71058

W. Baton Rouge
Hon. Mark J. Graffeo
P. O. Box 107
Port Allen, LA 70767
Phone: 225 383-0378
Fax: 383-3694
Physical: 850 Eighth St.

W. Carroll
Hon. Kay S. Bolding
P. O. Box 1078
Oak Grove, LA 71263
Phone: 318 428-2369
Fax: 428-9896
Physical: Courthouse, Main St.

W. Feliciana
Hon. Felicia Ann Daniel Hendl
P. O. Box 1843
St. Francisville, LA 70775
Phone: 225 635-3794
Fax: 635-3770
Physical: Ferdinand & Prosperity Streets

Hon. Donald E. "Don" Kelley
100 Main St., Rm. 103
Winnfield, LA 71483
Phone: 318 628-3515
Fax: 628-3527
Physical: same

Friday, September 3, 2010

Louisiana Public Libraries

Louisiana Public Libraries are an excellent resource for tracing your family history. Most of the libraries offer genealogical resources including free assess to normally paid websites such as However, most require that you perform your search at the Library and not from home or elsewhere.

To view a list of the Public Libraries in all of the Louisiana Parishes, you can click the following link or assess by clicking on the link on the right sidebar.