Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Leftovers

Previously, in my Post-Thanksgiving blog, I shared with you my left over Turkey recipes. Well, now that Christmas has passed, it leaves behind a lot of spiral sliced ham. Hence, I refrigerated and froze the remnants in multiple freezer storage bags and used them in several post-Christmas recipes that I am sharing with you. Enjoy!

1. Ham and Egg Scramble or Omelette
Stir-fry in Butter Spray or Pam, onion, green onion,chopped garlic-red/yellow/green bell pepper and mushrooms in fry pan. Sprinkle w/Mrs. Dash or other herb seasoning, no salt seasonings and garlic powder. Once vegetables are tender, chunk size pieces of ham and eggbeaters or real egg blended w/milk. This dish can also be made into omelette by placing in an omelette maker.

2. Ham and Cheese Croissant-Place slices of ham topped with your favorite cheese, can be non-fat on top of a large Croissant. Stick in microwave for about 1 minute until cheese melts and ham is warm. Delicious and quick.

3. Lima Beans and Great Northern Beans w/Ham
Wash and soak beans overnight or quick soak 1 hr in hot water. Add beans and 5 cups of water to crockpot. Add garlic, onion, garlic powder,fresh basil, Mrs. Dash, 2TBSPS butter or margarine, left over ham pieces and bone pieces. Slow cook for 4 hours.

4. Stir-fried Cabbage or Brussel Sprouts w/ham
Saute cabbage or brussel sprouts w/onion, tri-color bell peppers slices, garlic, garlic, powder, Mrs. Dash and pieces of ham in butter spray until tender.

So there you have it. This was my post-Christmas leftover week. Enjoy!

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