Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Eve 2007

Well, 2008 arrived with a bang! Although, this year was much quieter than most. I was home most of the evening sipping cider and cozied up by the fireplace.

I did watch the televised New Years Rocking Eve show and reminisced about the last time I rang in the New Year in Time Square in 2006.

I wonder how my distant ancestors celebrated New Years eve? I don't really know but I bet I can guess what some of them wished for the coming years. Freedom! At least those who were slaves and one of their resolutions might have been to pray more and be more pleasing in God's sight so that he can grant them freedom or maybe they resolved to be more courageous and proactive in their struggle for freedom.

Again, I don't really know but thinking about it makes my resolutions seem more obtainable.

So when you make your New Years Resolutions this year, ponder and contrast your desires and goals vs. what your ancestors might have been and I bet yours will seem more in reach too!

Well, all our 10, 9, 8's ...are gone at least for a while and old acquaintances forgotten until next year, anyway.

Here's wishing you and all yours the best in 2008!

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