Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Familial Terms of Endearment

In every family, besides their given name, we all have different kinship titles that we refer to our relatives as. It varies in every family and often times from person to person within an individual family.

Here are some of the ones that appear in my family and more than likely some of yours.

Father-Dad, Daddy, Father, Pa, Papa, Paw-Paw, Big Daddy, Papere, sir

Mother-Mama, Mother, Ma, Mommy, Madear, Mammie, Mom, Mamere, Big Mama, mum, mame, moms, mummy, Mimi

Sister-Sis, Sister, Sissy, Sistah

Brother-Bro, Brother, Bubba, Bruh

Aunt-Auntie, Aunt, Ant, Ain't, Tia

Uncle-Unc, Uncle, Theo

Grandmother-Grandma, Grandmother, Grandmama, Granny, Big Mama, Grandmom, Grandmommie, Nana, Nanna, Uma, Mimi, grammy

Grandfather-Grandpa, Gramps, Grandfather, Grandpa, Big Daddy, Big Papa, Grandpapa, Granddad, Grand-daddy

If you have some others, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Well we refer to my grandmother as Memom.She is Pearl Conner.Daughter of Henry and Roslean Jefferson. Louis Jackson