Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day and Black History Month Salute to Barrack Obama

I have another tribute and salute to pay to Presidential Hopeful, Barrack Obama in honor of President's Day and Black History Month.

Although, he has not yet been elected President, it is the first time in history, an African American has been a major contender for the office so in light of that, I was would to honor Barrack Obama and commend him on running his campaign with dignity, respect and honor especially with the negativity being thrown his way by his opponents.

Barrack Obama has demonstrated courage under pressure and his high-road ethics makes you proud to be not only an African-American but an American period. He is a candidate for the people and ALL people.

In the last blog, I honored Abraham Lincoln and credited him as being pivotal figure in the struggle for racial equality and there have been many since him. I believe Barrack Obama is the next chapter in the War against racial divide. I believe under his leadership, we can begin just being people and one United Nation under God, indivisable.

I cannot predict the future so I do not know what the outcome will be but I do know that whatever plan God has for this Country and whoever he has ordained to lead it, it will be so.

Whatever, the outcome of the 2008 Presidential Election, I admire Barrack Obama for running an outstanding campaign!

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