Thursday, February 21, 2008

Household Staples and Remedies

Growing up, I remember that in our household there were 3 staples that my parents always kept on hand. They were vaseline, peroxide and baking soda. These 3 items proved to be invaluable items to have around the house because of they could be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the multipurpose uses that I remember.

1. An ointment for scrapes, burns, and cuts
2. An everyday skin mosturizer
3. A medicinal solution for chapped hands or lips, toenail fungus, nosebleeds, diaper rash, chest colds.
4. Makeup remover
5. Furniture stain remover
6. Hair pomade
7. Shoe shine
8. Personal lubricant

Baking Soda
1. As a powdered toothpaste or added to water, mouth wash
2. Refrigerator deordorizer
3. General deordorizer such as sink, pet box, tub
4. Cleaning agent-can be substituted for comet or ajax
5. Medicine to reduce or eliminate acid indigestion, reflux or upset stomach
6. Shoe deordorizer
7. For baking
8. Stain remover for grease and oil on clothing
9. Underarm deordorant
10. A baking soda bath to relieve general skin irritations such as measles and chicken pox or other minor skin irritations or itching
11. Carpet deordorizer

1. Anti-septic for cuts
2. Mouthwash for cuts in mouth-don't swallow
3. Personal hygiene
4. Gargle for a toothache
5. Foot fungus-50/50 water mix
6. Kills germs on countertops and tabletops
7. For blemishes/blackheads
8. Hair dye-bleacher/lightner
9. To clean exterior of electronic parts
10.A nasal spray when 1 tablespoon added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water

Anyway, I still have these items around my own house at all times. For me, they are a necessity. I think it is the same for many other families and these uses have been utilized throughout the generations since their introduction.

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