Saturday, February 9, 2008

My mama used to say.....

These of some of the words of wisdom, some biblical, that my mother, Lottie used to spill on her kids growing up. Which ones did your mother say?

1. A hard head makes a soft behind.
Translation: If you don't listen and learn your rear end will be hurting all the time from the many spankings.

2. Children obey your parents so your days will be lengthened on the earth.
Translation: If you follow the advice of your parents, God will grant you a long life. (True)

3. Root, hog or die po (poor)
Translation: Work hard or you die an impoverished man or woman.

4. You reap what you sow.
Translation: How you treat people is how people will treat you.

5. Its enough you don't know to make another world
Translation: You amount of knowledge in the universe that you are not aware is enough to create another universe

6. You would argue with and think you know more than a sign board.
Translation: If a billboard on the side of the road said, TAKE THE NEXT LEFT, you would go right since you think you are more knowledgeable than whoever wrote the sign.

7. You are slower than "Little Beck's Watch"
Translation: Your pace is slower than than the unknown Little Beck's watch which must not keep good time.

8. Wait, I'll be there direcla!
Translation: Give me a minute, I will be there "directly"

9. You're scared of every little "Hee Hant"
Translation: You afraid of every little sound that may resemble a ghost?

10. You're gonna heed my words but you gotta learn things the hard way.
Translation: Someday, you're gonna remember the things I've tried to teach you and follow my advice but right now you are determined to rebel against what I say so you will suffer before you follow my advice.

11. Charity starts at home and spreads abroad.
Translation: You have to love and show good will to those closest to you first, i.e. those in your own home and it will eventually extend to others outside your home, your community, town and the world.

12. Bought sense is better than told.
Translation: Wisdom gained through your own personal experiences is more valuable and meaningful than that gained from the advice of others.

My mothers words turned out to be true and I stand corrected and humbled for not listening to her sooner.

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