Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Found: Long Lost Relative!

Today, I made an amazing discovery on FamilySearch Labs. I located a long-lost relative, actually a great-uncle who had been missing from my family tree due to his early demise.

The subject in question is one, Edward L. Hines, who was the son of Isam and Cornelia Jefferson Hines, my great-grand-parents. Today, I found him hiding in the pages of death certificates in Houston, Texas. You see, he was born and raised in Friersen, Louisiana and up until now there was no prior information given to me putting him in Texas.

The way that I found him was I did a broad search under Texas Death certificates for individuals born in Frierson, LA who died in Texas. The search engine generated several names of other relatives mostly from my Brayboy line that also proved valuable. Although, I am grateful for those finds too, but at least I already knew that many of them had relocated to Houston. However, I did not know that Edward L. Hines, who was cousin to the Brayboys on his mother's maternal side, had followed them there. He was the stunner for the day!

His death certificate lists him as being born on August 20, 1903 in Frierson, LA and died on April 15, 1944 in Houston in route to Jefferson Davis Hospital of a ruptured esohageal vein with internal hemmorage and cirrosis of the liver. It says that he worked as a Radio Tech. At the time of his death, he had lived there for 8 years. The certificate indicates that he was the son of Isam Hines and Cornelia Jefferson of Louisiana. His sister Nelvin Hines signed the death certificate. His place of burial is listed as Shreveport.

I think he really wanted me to find him because up until now, I was beginning to doubt his existence. Now, I have proof the he lived through his death!

I am so elated! Now, I am going to be on a quest to find other records on him. I will let you know what I find!

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