Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mystery of Long-Lost Relative Solved

Yesterday, I created a post regarding having discovered a "missing link," i.e. great uncle by the name of Edward L. Hines who lived and died in Texas.

After speaking to an Aunt who is somewhat of an authority on our family history, we figured out that my Uncle Edward L. Hines is actually the same person as my Uncle Erascus Hines. However, Aunt Jane never knew him as Edward L.

We came to this conclusion based on the particulars surrounding his death. Please recall, his death certificate indicated that his occupation was a Radio Tech. My Aunt Jane remembered that her Uncle Erascus owned a TV/Radio repair shop in Houston, Texas, the same place where this Edward L. resided. Also, his age, parents and the circumstances and date of his death matched exactly.

Aunt Jane reminded me that I had actually viewed Edward L. (Erascus) tombstone when we were in the family cemetery in the Frierson/Gloster, LA area some years ago. However, his tombstone gives his name as Erascus Hines. Maybe, the Edward L. Hines was his formal given name but the family called him Erascus which by the way was the name of one of his uncles or he did not like Erascus and decided to change it to Edward L. I'm not sure but I am pretty sure that we are dealing with the same person.

I am glad though that I was able to locate his death certificate because up until now, I had very little information on him.

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