Saturday, July 5, 2008

Passing Strange

Well, I just got out of the Tony Award winning musical, "Passing Strange" and while I would not give it the applause I gave "Thurgood," it was entertaining yet a little strange.

It featured an all african american group of actors that performed to the beat of rock and roll music played by a predominantly white band with the exception of the lead guitarist/singer/narrator.

The gist of the story was the maturing of a young african american male musician at the coming of age who rebelled against his mother, God and society to find himself. He ended up first in Amsterdam and then Berlin where he experienced drugs, free sex, freedom of expression and self acceptance.

Despite his mother's attempts to reunite him with his family and religion in the US, he never returned except for her funeral which had a profound effect on him.

Again, it was entertaining. The actors were very talented as reflected by each of their portrayals of diverse characters.

After the show, I indulged in some Sorbet from a French restaurant called "Un, Deux, Trois", translated it means, "one, two, three". After that I took a slow stroll back to my hotel.

The streets are littered with theatre goers all dressed up for their shows as well as other tourists headed for shopping, dining, comedy shows and more. There is no place like New York. It truly is the City that never sleeps! Except, for me because I am off to bed so farewell for now.

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