Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Magnifying the Text on your Computer Screen

Like a lot of my fellow Genealogists and other readers, as my years increase, my eyesight decreases. This is a realization that I am relunctantly admitting to. However, it has become more painfully apparent. I can no longer view the now seemingly tiny little print on certain sites and even in my blogs, I may proofread them several times and still overlook errors because of my declining vision but to the reader not aware of that, the reason for my errors may not be apparent.

You're probably thinking, time for glasses! And, you would be right but there is another alternative that I would like to share with you as a quick fix alternative.

If you hold down the "control key" and the " +" symbol located on the far right of your keyboard by the number pad simultaneously, you can magnify the text on your screen to make it more readable. Conversely, if you simultaneously hold down the
"control key" and the " -"symbol, you can decrease the size of the text.

Just a little tool I thought I would share with fellow genealogy buffs gracefully becoming visually impaired!

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